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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing has been made very popular by such companies as Commission junction(cj), Amazon and other companies worldwide. Affiliate Marketing is one of the easier ways to commence earning an income online.

But the sad truth of the subject is that only 5% of affiliates make any money. And Boy! Do they earn money! Figures of over $1,000,000 per annum have been earned by these so called 'super affiliates'. So what exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a method of promoting an internet business.  Meaning, affiliates (also known as Publishers) drive targeted traffic to a product owners website (product owner also being known as an Advertiser). Affiliate Marketing is a great way of doing business for both the Advertiser and the Publisher. For the Advertiser there are no costs involved in finding targeted visitors to their Website. They pay a commission to a Publisher when a certain action is performed by a prospect. There are several different actions that an Advertiser may pay commissions on.
These range from getting a prospect to sign up for more information to actual getting paid once a sale has been concluded.

.......but if you cannot wait I can point you to a resource I highly recommend. This resource is free. Yes I know that is how it should be. This resource is excellent. What I would advise you to be aware of though; is that you must study and put the information learnt into action. If you don't you have wasted your time. I would also advise against studying any other guides on Affiliate Marketing until you are fully familiar with the product. There is enough information in these products to get your career off to a flying start. The link is below.

Affiliate Masters by Ken Evoy
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