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3 Steps to Finding a Profitable Topic for a Blog

Blogging is absolutely one of the best ways to make a significant income online. Don’t think about blogging like creating a one-time product, selling a few, then moving on. Blogging is a lot like offline publishing. You’re creating a readership, which hopefully will come back day after day to read your blog…and buy your affiliate items and click on your ads. Build a readership large enough and you can make a very good income blogging. This is not going to take place over the next week or so. This is more like a three to six month strategy. But you’re building an asset, and the rewards are well worth it.

The topic you choose for your blog is critical. You need a topic that not only has a lot of potential readers on the Internet, but also which is profitable. That is, there are affiliate products, CPA offers, and Google ads that your readers will buy or click on so that you’ll make money from all your hard work. Here are three steps to finding a profitable topic (or niche) for your blog.

Step 1:

If you can focus on a topic that you already know something about, or at least that you’re passionately interested in, you’ll be far ahead of everyone else. Knowing a fair amount about a topic helps in multiple ways. For one thing, you’ll have to do much less research. For another, familiarity just shows. You can tell by the way someone writes if they’re intimately familiar with what they’re writing about. Their words have that ring of truth and experience that even the best researcher can’t fake.

Not only that, but a blog is not a short term deal. It’s a longer term deal, if you will. If you’re going to be doing this right, you’re going to be living with your blog day in and day out for a year or so. Unless you are really interested in your topic, you could easily get sick of your blog a month or two into the game. That would cause you to quit writing content, which will result in your blog losing readers rapidly.

Step 2:

Do your homework. You can use Google’s external keyword tool to get a feel for how many times per month a certain keyword phrase is searched. Another thing you need to do is to check out who’s advertising in your niche. Having a number of advertisers is good, not bad. No advertisers, or few advertisers, doesn’t mean your niche is undiscovered. There aren’t any of those, anymore. What it means is that your niche is not profitable, for whatever reason.

Step 3:

Make a list of the top keywords and write your blog posts to feature these. You can easily search engine optimize a blog post by including the keyword phrase you want to rank for in your title and first sentence. Also, include it once every 50 words or so. That’s 2%. You can try to go up as much as about 3%. Finally, make sure your keyword phrase is in the last part of the last sentence.

If you follow these three steps, you really can’t go wrong. Find your passion, find your niche, write a lot, and watch your stats and your income rise! It really is that easy. 

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