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Creative Ways to Monetize Your Blog

If you've got a blog and it's got traffic, then you're 90% the way there. The next step is to start making some real money out of your blog. That process is called monetization.

Now, there are "traditional" monetization strategies, such as Google AdSense, affiliate offers, and CPA offers. Google AdSense is those little ads you see on blogs and content sites. Affiliate offers you can get through Commission Junction, ClickBank and the like, and CPA offers are usually found through different networks like Hydranetwork.

And oftentimes, this is all you need to make a goodly amount of money from your blog. But if these usual routes aren't working for you, or if you want to dig a little deeper, here are some creative tips you can use to find advertisers and offers to promote on your blog.

1.    First off, Google your main keyword phrase and maybe a few of your secondary keyword phrases. Now, take a look at each and every AdWords ad on the right hand side of the search results. You can do the same through Yahoo and MSN, by the way. These ads are from businesses and entrepreneurs who believe that your niche is a money maker for them. You know they're willing to spend money advertising for your keywords, so why not contact them and see if they want to advertise on your blog? They could put a banner on your blog, or you could charge them X amount per month for a set number of text links.
2.    Go to Technorati and find the top blogs in your niche. Now, go to each of these blogs and make a thorough study of their advertisers. Figure out where those advertisers come from. You can even contact the blog owner, if you want. Most people are very helpful and would be happy to point you in the right direction.
3.    Take a look at Commission Junction or other networks and see if you can find affiliates who might be interested in advertising on your blog.
4.    Take a look at offline advertisers. This one is a little more complicated because you're not dealing with people who understand the Internet. Take a look in newspapers and magazines in your niche or your local area and see who might be interested in advertising on your blog. You'll have to do a little more education, here. Probably preparing a little report with screen shots of traffic would be a good idea. Don't talk down to these folks, but realize that terms you consider to be "everyday" like RSS are a foreign language to them.

Certainly there are other, creative ways to make money out of your blog, but these four are excellent. They should also get your creative juices flowing. Thinking out of the box often leads to making more money than folks who stay in the box! 

If you think you CAN or you think you CAN'T, you are probably right!

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