Why Use A Business Blog

Business organizations who are already having a successful online presence may wonder why it is vitally important to have an online presence in spite of the current successes they are enjoying. Business blogs are crucial to ensure the successes they currently enjoy can be maintained and the customer base that is already formed will continue to expand and grow.

Blogs can be a meaningful addition to an already successful site and adds value that would not be possible without the use of a business blog.

Here are the top five reasons why a business blog is crucial for today’s online enterprise.

1. Personality
Sites that have a real person behind it will stand out in comparison with other sites that are static. People want security and having a real person behind those texts and graphics that is willing to respond to their queries and problems is certainly very assuring. Blogs lets your visitors post comments on those posts and you can respond to0 them, this creating a special kind of rapport that is not possible with a static website.

2. Updated Content
People want the latest information and news and love new updates that they can check in often. Blogs lets you have a great way to connect with your visitor and post relevant and fresh information that you can share with your visitors.

3. Search Engine Optimization
All webmasters know that 80% of the web traffic visitors come from search engines. This is the best way to drive targeted traffic to your site. People who are looking or specific products and services would use the search engines to look for it and so making a presence on these platforms is a fantastic way to drive targeted traffic to your site. Blog pages are indexed more easily then static pages and this is a great way to get on the search engine without too much hassle.

4. Traffic
It is easy to channel traffic to a blog rather than a static website. Blogs have the unique ping function, that would let you ping the search engines whenever a new post is made and thus get the search engine spiders running to your site. If the spot is new and fresh then your pages will get indexed by these spider programs and you stand a good chance of appearing on the search engines whenever a search is made for that keyword.

5. Maintenance
Blogs are very easy to maintain and internal links are automatically created as soon as the post is published. This is not possible in static HTML pages, where you have to manually link them together to create a logical sitemap. It takes time and effort and wastes too much time on the technical aspect when you should be focusing on the running of your business.

Business blogs are fast becoming an indispensable part of the online entrepreneurship and a concept embraced y many large organization such as Microsoft and the Sun Microsystems. If these Internet giants that has well-established names are using business blogs as part of their business strategy shouldn’t you be considering this as well?


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