Marketing Tools For Online Shops

Everyone can name some of the most common marketing tools, but how to define marketing tools for online shops? Itís not quite as simple as saying email, which seems to be the favorite form of spammers. Flyers, ads, and billboards are obvious definitions of offline marketing tools, but letís take a look at some of their online equivalents.

Email is actually a marketing tool that can be useful as long as you donít overdo it. Donít spam anyone who hasnít asked for information from your business, especially with a mass mailer that goes out every week. What is acceptable is to create a mailing list that your customers can opt to join and have the option of leaving at any time.

Another perfectly acceptable way of using email as a marketing tool is to put information about your business in the signature portion of each message. You wonít have room to say too much, so most people simply list their company, their website, and sometimes the address or phone number. This way, everyone you email gets a small reminder of your business in a non-obtrusive way.

If you want to define marketing tools that reach more than those whom you regularly email, you might think of message boards. These online communities allow people to discuss various topics and exchange ideas without being online at the same time. Some of them have specific areas for posting about businesses, contests, and the like. Be sure to read the board rules before you post, though, or you might be banned for spamming.

Chat rooms are similar to message boards with the exception that the only people who see your message are the other people in the room. Chat rooms arenít the greatest place to market your online business since people are often discussing things that arenít at all related to your site. You can spam in chat rooms, of course, but again, youíll likely be banned or simply ignored.

Spam, as you can obviously tell, is not a great marketing tool, and itís one of the things you have to be very careful about. Everyone is on the guard against spam, or unwanted messages, these days, and itís next to impossible to get unblocked once youíve made it onto someoneís spam filter list.

To prevent that from happening, remember that the definition of an online marketing tool is not a message that reaches as many people as often as possible. Never send unwanted email to someone, especially if youíre just sending them information about your business. It is acceptable to ask people if theyíd like to be added to a mailing list when they purchase items from you, though.

No matter which of these marketing tools you use, just be sure to always use them responsibly. Think of how annoyed you would be if someone were to constantly post about their online pharmacy on your message board about dogs or in your painting chat room. Define marketing tools for online businesses as only those messages youíd like to get and youíll do very well.


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