Handling Twitter Slap

Many individuals are easily convinced to sign up with Twitter because it is a great place to meet different kinds of people. You can also interact with them twenty fours hours everyday. Twitter is similar to Facebook and MySpace; it already has millions of users worldwide.

When someone follows you in Twitter, youíre also expected to follow them back; but that remains a personal choice. If you know proper etiquette, you will learn to appreciate them as you use Twitter day by day. The site also provides a tool which allows you to thank all those who followed you so that you will not do it one by one. It is your choice to follow people that catch your interest but you donít need to expect something in return. Others will simply ignore you because they are not obliged to follow you and you can also do the same.

If youíre an avid Twitter user, you will know what the numbers on the right corner stands for. The three number sets represent the number of followers, the number of following, and the updates. You can post as many times as you like everyday and can follow as many people as you want. However, there is an exception.

As a Twitter user, you should pay close attention to the numbers on the right corner. For instance, when youíre following 2,000 people, a certain number of people should follow you back. Otherwise, you canít follow more Twitter users.

When youíve followed 2,000 people, you can no longer follow more unless youíve met the appropriate number of followers. Even if you try over and over again, your request will not be activated. This is the so called Twitter Slap. Itís similar to the Google Slap (if you donít adhere to the rules of Google, you will be punished with a slap) but this is not a serious problem.

One way to resolve this problem is to find out why some individuals donít follow you back. You can use tools like friendorfollow.com and twitoria.com; the former can provide you with a complete list of those who did not follow you back and the latter will provide you with a list of those you followed but did not post for some time.

Try the sites mentioned so you can easily decide who to Ďun-followí. If youíre using Twitter now, take note of the three number sets on your profile page. The numbers are important. If youíve followed many people already, perhaps itís time to use the tools mentioned so that you wonít encounter the same problem. There may still be other Twitter slaps but this is the most common.

When you send a request to follow someone and it is not activated, it only means one thing Ė youíre Twitter slapped. Donít worry because you can easily address this problem. When you know the options available to you, you will not encounter any difficulty.

Itís really a good feeling to follow many people on Twitter but it feels better when they follow you back. Making more friends and staying connected 24 hours each day is possible through Twitter. Sign up now because itís free and enjoy the Twitter experience.

If you want to promote your business, you can also use the site. Avoid Twitter slaps by following simple rules.


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