Is Twitter Dying

Twitter is everywhere. You can hear about it on NPR and CNN. Comedy sitcoms are also talking about it. So whatís great about Twitter and why do so many people talk about it? Who says that itís dying?

Twitter is definitely on the peak of its popularity. For almost three years now, this site has accumulated millions of users worldwide. However, according to some individuals, the growth of Twitter users is not sustainable especially as a revenue model. Perhaps youíve heard a lot of people talking about how they used Twitter to generate income. Well, some individuals were quite successful but not everyone. Besides, following endless links all the time can be very boring.

There are already claims about the death of this social network website. Some say that death is already looming. Twitter users can only wait for that day. You can never really tell. The developers of this site are still looking forward for more years of excellent service. By keeping things simple, more and more people are interested in Twitter. Users of this site vary. Some people simply want to share pictures of their favorite pets; there are those who want to promote their business online while others just want to share their ideas or interests through microblogging.

Youíre also free to choose the people that you want to interact with and youíre not obliged to respond to the tweets. The 140-character tweet is very communicative and easy to construct. If you want, you can post what youíre doing right now like youíre out shopping or youíre watching a movie. Whenever you make new tweets, your friends will receive the updates. They can respond if they want to or they can ignore it.

For almost three years now, Twitter has proven that it is stable enough to meet the demands of its users worldwide. The site has been encountering constant problems and their team of experts is trying to identify what should be done in order to ensure survival. Perfection may be the goal of most organizations and humans but failure is inevitable. Still many people patronize Twitter. If you spend a few minutes online, using Twitter, you will notice that many others want to interact and develop new relationships.

Twitter is being used by companies, businesses, and individuals. They all have various needs. As long as these needs are addressed properly, Twitter can survive the coming years. Competition is natural especially in the online environment but the site has an edge over other social network websites. If more and more people will use the site, then death is still far from sight. Besides, those who are addicted to Twitter will not allow such a scenario to happen.

Thereís also the issue of Twitter going down and when it finally got back, some follower and following connections were lost. The site has back ups and once the problem is fixed, everything will be back to normal. No wonder many users are freaking out Ė because they lost some connections. This can be a nightmare if the error canít be fixed in time but the experts have already assured its users that the lost data will be fixed in time. For those who are using Twitter for business purposes, donít rely entirely on the site; try to have your own back up files.

Errors and problems are natural but Twitter will see to it that everything is fixed.


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