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Today I will discuss some of the tools I have found to improve your use of Twitter in relation to your blog and a couple that have been helpful for using Twitter.

First to integrate your Twitter feed on to your blog there are a couple items you can use. Tweet My Blog will allow you to easily add your latest tweets to your sidebar. It will also send your latest blog post out as a tweet to your Twitter account automatically.

A similar plugin with a few more features is Twitter Tools,. This will also allow you to use your tweets as blog posts. Either of these will allow you to automate the process and send tweets when you update your blog along with showing your tweets on your blog.

There is another tool that will allow you to auto post your blog posts to Twitter called Twitter Feed which will monitor your blog’s RSS feed and post to Twitter when it finds new information on a regularly scheduled basis. It also works with other services like This service allows you to post at one pl;ace and have it update Twitter along with your other social sites like Facebook, Friend Feed, et al.

There are a couple tools that will help you monitor and stay active with Twitter. The two that I have tried are Twhirl and TweetDeck.

Tweet Deck is much more powerful and allows you to search, set up groups and more. Again a reminder this is not a report about using Twitter and these various tools others have covered those extensively but how you can use Twitter to enhance your blogging efforts.

Another plugin that allows you to add a place in your comments for people to leave their Twitter username called WP Twitip ID. This way you can find the people who are commenting on your blog and be able to strengthen the relationship through Twitter conversations too.

It also allows your readers to connect with those leaving valuable comments which is a true win – win and another way for others to want to contribute to the conversation there.

Another tool that I have added to my blogs is Twitter This. Anyone reading my blog can submit there Twitter ID and password and it will automatically tweet to their account about your post with a link back to that post. Think this may help you get more readers?

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